John Heath

I began the study of hypnosis when I was in college. The human mind has always fascinated me, and during my studies of psychology and hypnosis, I became convinced that most of what's wrong with us can be solved by, and in, our own minds.


Devoting the majority of my adult life to careful observation, extensive research and tireless self-development, I came to the conclusion that my life's purpose is to help and heal people. My first, and most obvious, influence is Energy-Based healing techniques, But I am also strongly interested in psychologically based practices and their application in the field of hypnotherapy. Being a DJ, I am uniquely aware of the effects of music on the psyche, and this is a strong influence in my Sound Healing Specialism. 


More recently, I have studied Chios Energy Healing and am a Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher. Being a regular meditator, I am well acquainted with the human energy fields (auras) and energy centres (chakras) that can be used for healing a huge range of health issues.


I am also working on a new idea at the moment, a combination therapy involving Sound Healing, Energy Field Healing, and Hypnotherapy. I am very excited about this, as it promises to be a very powerful technique which has huge potential for healing.